Body Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss

June marked twenty years that I’ve worked in the fitness industry, and I still often hear many questions regarding the misconceptions of how our bodies function. The most important premise that I try to convey is the difference between types of weight loss. I really emphasize loss of body fat rather than simply overall weight loss. Unfortunately, many weight loss programs focus on weight loss alone, and not the type of weight that is being reduced. Many of those programs focus solely on caloric content and not the quality of the calories that are being consumed.

While each calorie may be equal in measurement, its quality may differ drastically. One could consume all of their calories in the form of processed carbohydrates like bread, pasta, and chocolate cake, or, one could consume all of their calories in the form of lean proteins, naturally occurring carbohydrates, vegetables, and healthy fats. I construct my meal plans in a way that helps one to utilize clean, quality calories, consisting of the correct amounts of protein, carbohydrates, both starchy and fibrous, and fats that are better used by our bodies.

My main objective is to create an environment in your body that burns body fat as its primary fuel source, allowing you to feel tremendous and consistent energy, to sleep soundly, and to shed unwanted weight a.k.a. body fat . I do not want anyone to lose hard-earned muscle tissue, which unfortunately, many weight loss programs end up doing. I want you to maintain lean muscle, while shedding only body fat. It sounds logical, doesn’t it? It’s just science, and it works for everyone when it’s applied.

See you next month, John D.

About the author

John M. Di Fazio II
John M. Di Fazio II

John M Di Fazio II is a nutrition consultant, a personal trainer, and a massage therapist and has twenty years of experience working in the fitness industry. He was employed by Gold's Gym for thirteen years and in 2005 co-founded Remedy Fitness, a unique fitness establishment located in East Setauket, New York. While in the employ of Gold's Gym, he was recruited into Nutritionalysis, a nutrition company based in Venice Beach, California that specialized in individualized nutrition programs, and received his certification. Excelling in the field, his clientele grew by thousands. While establishing such a full clientele in nutrition and personal training, John also graduated from the State University of New York at Stony Brook with a bachelors degree in philosophy and also graduated from the New School for Holistic Health & Research on Long Island, New York with a degree and a New York State license for massage therapy.

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