Finding Self-Focus & Intensity Within


By: John M. Di Fazio II

When we conceive of a goal in our minds, we initially may feel a sense of euphoria, ambitious to achieve that goal. But, some goals take longer to achieve than others. It is important to do everything that we can to sustain our enthusiasm and guide our will to accomplish what we had first set out to do. I have always been a goal setter, planning, organizing, learning, gathering the items and knowledge that I need, and working diligently towards a specific goal or goals. One of the tools that I have always used in personally self-motivating is visualization. Visualization can be imagining and seeing the desired goal at its completion, or it can also be the seeing, feeling, hearing, and sensing of the day to day steps along the journey. When a goal is in my mind, I awake each morning with a specific intent and often a song in my head relating to what I must achieve for the day. There is no procrastination. If you wake without the will, you must find the song in your mind. It will guide you daily to create the good vision in your mind.

Long term goals can be tedious, requiring long distances of time between the start and finish lines. Employing self-focusing techniques such as visualization can bring out the creative edge, sprouting new ideas and inspiring a drive to fulfill a dream. When you combine that visualization with applied organization, it will propel you to stay on track, intensely focused on your goal. Applied organization refers to writing down the steps of your goal, making daily check-lists, and taking notes along the way, especially in regards to ideas that may advance your goal as well as thoughts that you may have on which to look back and reflect.

I’ve been a focused and intense individual since I was a young boy, so for me applying the structure of self-focusing techniques is second nature for me. I realize that it is not so for everyone, and that many fall into habits of procrastination. It’s important to be aware of the habits that hold you back. Your goal must be greater than the bad habit of procrastination, and you must overcome that from within. In order to fulfill a dream, or achieve a goal, or create a reality of your good vision, one must find this self-focus inside. It is within each of us. We must feed it as we feed a fire, until it burns with the intensity of a sun. Day by day, self-focus and motivation will be a way of life for you, but you must visualize and apply the necessary steps on the journey to arrive at your destination. Hear the song in your mind, each and every day.

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Until Next Month,

~ John D.

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John M. Di Fazio II
John M. Di Fazio II

John M Di Fazio II is a nutrition consultant, a personal trainer, and a massage therapist and has twenty years of experience working in the fitness industry. He was employed by Gold's Gym for thirteen years and in 2005 co-founded Remedy Fitness, a unique fitness establishment located in East Setauket, New York. While in the employ of Gold's Gym, he was recruited into Nutritionalysis, a nutrition company based in Venice Beach, California that specialized in individualized nutrition programs, and received his certification. Excelling in the field, his clientele grew by thousands. While establishing such a full clientele in nutrition and personal training, John also graduated from the State University of New York at Stony Brook with a bachelors degree in philosophy and also graduated from the New School for Holistic Health & Research on Long Island, New York with a degree and a New York State license for massage therapy.

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