Great Expectations

Since I was a child, I have always had great expectations, dreaming of the things that I wanted to achieve. As the years passed, I have found that not everyone is as goal-oriented as I am. I didn’t allow that to deter me from my great expectations, but I did strive to inspire others to realize that we have one chance to make our dreams come true. This natural mindset of mine pulled me towards interests such as art, literature, music, and cinema, but also towards health, fitness, and physical challenges. One novel that always inspired me was Charle’s Dickens’s Great Expectations. I was naturally drawn to it, and it has been my favorite book ever since.

One of the main concepts of the story, is growth versus stagnation. I always reflected upon it, and I realized that so many choose to stay still rather than to improve. What causes this behavior, that halts one’s ability to put aside fear and comfort for individual growth and adventure? Is it inherent, or learned? Are some just born as goal-oriented individuals, and others with no aspirations? It’s possible that the question will never be answered with certainty, as many philosophical questions remain unanswered over the centuries. My personal belief is that we all, as human beings need inspiration. Some may be born with more boldness, but all need to be inspired with a spark from somewhere.

Some may be more apt to hope, and some more to despair. As life takes shape through experience after experience, we can retract from the fear or pain, or lunge forward, through or over the obstacle in our way, hopeful that we will learn from the experience and grow with improvement. I feel that while some behavior may be instinctual for some, it may also be taught and learned for others. Consider those who serve in our Military. Not everyone is born with instinctual courage. Some are, and some are not. But with training, knowledge, practice, and preparation, even those who once lived without discipline or certainty of action can become perfect Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen, with split-second, life or death decisiveness.

Part of any great achievement is the belief in one’s capabilities to be able to do so. It is the expectation that carries us. It is the application of the expectation, through our will that creates the preparedness of our abilities combined with that expectation to achieve the goal or fulfill the dream. We visualize it, take the necessary actions and develop the necessary skills, and make it a reality. I strive to reveal this to clients when I create Nutrition Meal Plans and Training Regimens for them. It is a process, and when it’s broken down into steps, one can go into the process with great expectations, and can end the process with great results. The only problem, is that many human beings are easily distracted and deterred from the process due to the effort it takes. My wife always tells me that my expectations are too great in regards to people. Maybe they are, but I expect no more of them than what I expect of myself. In the last couple of years, I’ve noticed many who become easily distracted from goals. Surprisingly, many are so distracted that they cannot even enter the process, (or show up to the appointment.) Increasingly, I’ve seen last minute cancellations and no-shows as I’ve never seen before. Sadly, I will be installing a non-refundable reservation fee for scheduling appointments. I find it disheartening to have to do this, but perhaps it will hold people more accountable, and through teaching accountability,  I can keep my great expectations for them as individuals on a journey to achieve their goal. I want to believe that people can do great things if they truly put their minds to it. I believe in myself, and I have the greatest expectations for the future. I hope that you’ll feel the same way!

If you have not yet read Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, I highly recommend that you do. You’ll learn that we can overcome any obstacle, that we only have this one life to live, that we should cherish every day and every experience, and that we must tear down the curtains of darkness,  learn how to reveal the sunshine, and grow in the sunlight!

Have a very Merry Christmas & Great Expectations for the New Year!!!

Glory to the Newborn King!!!

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John M. Di Fazio II
John M. Di Fazio II

John M Di Fazio II is a nutrition consultant, a personal trainer, and a massage therapist and has twenty years of experience working in the fitness industry. He was employed by Gold's Gym for thirteen years and in 2005 co-founded Remedy Fitness, a unique fitness establishment located in East Setauket, New York. While in the employ of Gold's Gym, he was recruited into Nutritionalysis, a nutrition company based in Venice Beach, California that specialized in individualized nutrition programs, and received his certification. Excelling in the field, his clientele grew by thousands. While establishing such a full clientele in nutrition and personal training, John also graduated from the State University of New York at Stony Brook with a bachelors degree in philosophy and also graduated from the New School for Holistic Health & Research on Long Island, New York with a degree and a New York State license for massage therapy.

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