Success Stories

Celeste Delprete, Law enforcement, started at 177 lbs. @ 39.4% body fat,  Now 136 lbs. @ 21.7% body fat.

I think I am like most people who have fought the battle of the bulge for years. I have had a love- hate relationship with food and an on again off again battle with my weight. I have tried so many diets and programs. Low calorie, weekly meetings, low carb…. You name it, I have tried it. And it all worked until it failed and there I was back with a body  that I did not like and another failure under my belt. They say diets don’t work, and they are right .For the longest time I assumed NOTHING worked. Then I found John Di Fazio. He showed me a new way to eat that worked! I was no longer battling food. I was in control of it. I was no longer battling my weight. I had won.

John’s program is still working for me. I feel a sense of freedom and accomplishment

that I have  found in any other program or diet. I am no longer on a diet, but living a healthy new lifestyle. Friends who have see my success are also succeeding on John’s program. John has changed my life. He has made my goals achievable and allowed me to take control of my eating, I can’t thank you enough.

Joe Velotti, age 44 started at 350 lbs. @ 30.5% body fat, Now 240 lbs @ 15.7% body fat.

I just wanted to express my 110% belief and faith  in this program. By using John food selections, his creative recipes, and with exercise I have reach my goal weight and lost over 100 pounds !!! It’s unbelievable. By taking out sugar and white flour from my diet my cravings have disappeared. My wife and children are amazed by the way I look at 44 years old. I am in better shape and have more energy than when I was in my twenties. Thanks for giving me my life back.

Kari Antos, Teacher, age 32, started at 161 lbs. @33.1% body fat, now 140 lbs @ 20.5% body fat.

John has helped me to become accountable for what I eat each day. I have learned to eat healthy and properly without sacrificing any flavor. I enjoy each and every meal, and the best part is that I know what my body needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The benefits that I have received have been life altering.

Emalie Daniel, Assistant Manager GNC Bridgehampton, New York, started at 148 lbs. @ 38.7% body fat, now 115 lbs @ 20.7% body fat.

I owe most of my weight loss to John Di Fazio’s program and encouragement. I decided to lose weight because my cholesterol was 296. I was borderline diabetic. Only 4’11” tall, I weighed 158 lbs. I wore a size 16. I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing. I’d lost about 10 lbs. on my own, but couldn’t seem to lose anymore no matter what I tried. And I have a shelf full of diet books to prove it. John showed me how. With john’s help, I’ve gotten down to 114 lbs. and have kept most of it off for the better part of a year. When I gain a little I go back to square one and quickly lose the pounds again. Shortly after starting the meal plan, I also began taking GNC’s multivitamins, fish oil, CLA, L-carnitine, and chromium picolinate. With the weight loss my cholesterol went down to 154. my triple chins are gone, and I’m wearing a size 2. Even though I’d be in much better shape physically if I would exercise more frequently, people who haven’t seen me in a while recognize my voice, but not me. I look and feel like a new person. Thank you John. I promise to try and exercise more.

Stephen Daniel, started at 220 lbs, now 190 lbs.

I am a type 1 diabetic on an insulin pump. When I first went to John, I wanted to lose weight. At the time I weighed 220 pounds. John gave me a meal plan that was dramatically different from my previous regimen. Since then, my weight has been steadily in the 190’s and I’m on the way to my goal of 175 pounds. More importantly, I have reduced my daily insulin intake from 60 units to 40 units per day! I feel much better, have more energy, and my clothes fit a lot better. Thanks for all your help, John!

Meghan Hickey, Insurance Sales, age 25, started at 159 lbs. @ 35% body fat, now 138 lbs. @ 22.8%

John’s meal plan has become second nature to me. It is very simple to get acquainted to. It has taught me the proper way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I couldn’t believe how much weight I lost in just a short time. Other’s noticed the difference and more importantly, I noticed the difference. I would recommend John’s program to everyone. It has changed my life!

Michael Poetta, Law Enforcement, age 34, started at 209 lbs. @ 14.3% body fat, now 173 lbs. @ 6.4%

After following John’s recipes and advice, I’ve lost nearly 40 lbs.. John makes it very simple and fun to lose weight and body fat!

Brianna Hickey, Executive Assistant, age 22, started at 160 lbs. @ 35.4% body fat, now 137 lbs. @ 22.6%

I’ve tried many different ways to lose weight. John’s ideas and meal plan have kept me eating well consistently. I can’t believe the difference in my body and attitude. I never thought in a million years that I would be able to maintain this lifestyle, but it is so simple to follow. If I could do it, anyone could do it!

Mike Koelbel, Law Enforcement, started at 288 lbs. @ 31.7% body fat, now 211 @ 10.4 %

Since meeting John Di Fazio and deciding to follow his change of life program, I have lost 77 lbs.. I have also reduced my body fat from 31.7% to 10.4%. Everyone always asks me, “ What diet plan are you on? “.  I tell them it’s not a diet, it’s a way of life. I’ve learned how to eat properly and how to give my body the nutrition it needs, therefore giving me the energy to exercise. I actually enjoy the process of losing weight! I feel guilty when I miss a day of cardio, so I will double up the following day by running and mountain biking. It does take time to prepare your meals and discipline to eat those meals every three hours. But if you eat what and when you are supposed to, you will lose weight and inches in no time. You’ll gain confidence in yourself and keep working hard at reshaping your body. I met my goal 20 lbs. ago and continue to lose weight and body fat. I plan to eat healthy for the rest of my life. Thank you John.

Sal LaDuca, age 46, started at 265 lbs. @ 28.2%, now 188 @ 7.1%

Last year at this time I was 268 lbs. @ 29% body fat and felt, in a word, bad. Day to day getting around was a challenge. After 10 days on John’s customized nutrition program and light exercise suggestions, I was breathing better and actually felt lighter on my feet. I was on my way to feeling GREAT! Several of my co-workers have since gone to John and are all very pleased with their results. In the past, I’ve lost weight dieting on my own only to put it back on plus more. I feel my eating habits have permanently changed by learning from John what to eat and when to eat it. I have no fear of returning to my old ways. John’s program has changed my life for the better. The environment at Remedy Fitness and its caring staff make it a unique facility and a pleasure to come to. I plan to be on the program for life! Thank you.

Gabrielle L., age 38, Operations Manager, started at 312 lbs. @ 44.9% body fat, now 253 lbs. @ 34.0%

I started John’s program in May of 2008. I dropped 18 pounds in the first two weeks! Since then I have consistently dropped 4-5 pounds every two weeks. In four months, I have lost a total of 57 pounds. Before I started, I had a real hard time walking. Everything hurt: my back, my legs, my knees, my feet, etc….Since I’ve been losing the weight and walking every day, I feel so much better. Walking is no longer a task. I actually enjoy it. I can walk on the beach again, which is something I love, but hadn’t done in years. The hardest part was getting myself to the point where I was ready to make a major change in my life. Once I got started with John’s help, I saw the results and was motivated to continue. Now I don’t look at this as a diet, but a way of life. I eat and feel good. I have energy again and I sleep better too. I have struggled with my weight for years. I tried many things, and of course, most of them didn’t work for me. Sometimes I would lose a few pounds and then gain it back, plus. When I first met John, I was at the worst point of my life, weight wise. I felt horrible inside and out and had been diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic. Thanks to John’s guidance, I physically feel much better and am regaining confidence in myself. I look better and my health has improved tremendously. I have come off of one of my diabetes medications and the doctor has reduced my daily insulin. Last year, my doctor had suggested weight reduction surgery. My doctor is now impressed with the success that I’ve had on John’s program . Surgery is not always the answer. There is an alternative. John has given me hope again and I have taken control of my life!

Danielle Niedielski, age 31, Insurance Sales, started at 227 lbs. @ 40.3% body fat, now 192 lbs. @ 27.3%

Danny Niedielski, age 33, Law Enforcement, started at 225 lbs. @ 22.2% body fat, now 195 lbs. @ 9.7%

Danny and I started John’s nutrition program back in March. We have both achieved much success and have learned for the first time how to eat, how much to eat, and how often. The program has changed both of our lives forever.

Daniel Glicken, Wading River, New York

I have lost 13 pounds and 2 pants sizes in 6 weeks while eating the foods that I love. Thanks John

Norma Glicken, Wading River, New York

It’s an eating plan that’s delicious, doesn’t leave you hungry, and is easy to follow. I lost 2 dress sizes in 6 weeks. Bravo John.

Joann Luisa, age 39, Teacher, started at 173 lbs. @ 31.6% body fat, now 146 lbs. @ 17.6%

I first heard of John Di Fazio and Remedy Fitness when I noticed my sister was shedding pounds. I asked her what she was doing, as I was trying to shed the pounds of my last pregnancy weight gain. She explained that she was seeing a nutrition consultant and shared the secret of John and his program. John’s nutrition program is not a “diet”, it is a lifestyle change. It is extremely easy and basic to follow without having to purchase endless items and ingredients. It does not require long prep times. I have tried every fad diet available, however this program has proven to be the quickest, most effective method of getting healthy, shedding pounds, and melting fat away. His advertisement need not be on paper, it is visible in his walking billboards, his clients. Endless compliments on my appearance result in endless referrals to the program. I have never felt better and had more energy. It’s a change of lifestyle that has become routine. Thank you John!

Rosa Isaza, started at 154 lbs. @ 37.6% body fat, now 133 lbs. @ 27.8%

Mario Isaza, started at 192 lbs. @ 27.7% body fat, now 155 lbs. @ 17.6%

I would like to begin by saying THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and THANK YOU JOHN for changing my lifestyle because it was a huge change. My husband and I began this program weighing 192 lbs. and 154 lbs.. Two months later we weighed 155 lbs. and 133 lbs.. We have more energy than ever before and we have the drive to continue in the future. Thank you once again for showing us a path towards a great life.

Vicki Halloran, started at 145 lbs. @ 30.3% body fat, now 122 lbs. @ 20.0%

The best thing I ever did was visit John! His nutrition program is so easy and gave me the flexibility I needed to incorporate healthy eating into my busy life. I lost 23 pounds and more than 10% body fat. I am able to “cheat” one day a week and still maintain my current weight. The fact that I can prepare most of my food ahead of time makes it so convenient. The foods are healthy and not processed which makes you feel great! I can honestly tell you that as long as you follow his suggestions and exercise at least 5 x per week…anyone who tries this will be a success! Thank you John!

Marde Croly, started at 159 lbs. @ 30.2% body fat, now 135 lbs. @ 21.4%

John’s nutrition plan is very easy to follow and allows me the flexibility to eat the foods I enjoy. In just 10 weeks I surpassed my goal and lost 8.8% body fat and have maintained a weight loss of 24 pounds. At age 43 I have a new found energy and feel and look like I did in my twenty’s. Thank you John!

Mike Holdorf, age 27, Swim School Manager, started at 260 lbs. @ 30.1% body fat, now 200 lbs. @ 14.3%

Weight loss has been one of the biggest obstacles in my life. Now, with the help of John Di Fazio, I have changed my life. I had tried every scheme, diet, and supplement and nothing ever came close to what I have learned from this nutrition program. I have lost 60 lbs. and 15% body fat in just four months. The best part is that I did it in a completely healthy way and I can stick to it. Thanks John!

Simon Theodoropoulos, age 33, started at 315 lbs. @ 31.9% body fat, now 239 lbs. @ 16.9%

At 33 years of age I had only one alternative. I made the decision to change my eating habits and lifestyle. I owe my 76 pound loss in 5 months to John and his healthy, energetic, and life-long program. He has given my wife back her husband, and my kids back their father. With john’s inspiring and focused program my family will never have to know that person again.